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New England Ropes HSR-75 Dyneema®
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New England Ropes HSR-75 Dyneema®

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APPLICATIONS: Cascade lines, halyards, wire rope replacement, cunninghams, and vang systems.

Comprised of Dyneema® fiber, Stronger Than Steel® HSR is heat-set which at a microscopic level reorients the molecular chains in a linear fashion, thus ensuring greater load bearing capacity throughout the rope. This process increases the rope’s breaking strength through the use of increased temperature and tension and achieves a uniform fiber distribution.


  • Material: Single braid Heat-set Dyneema® SK75
  • 12 Strand Single Braid
  • UV Resistant
  • Specific Gravity .97


Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [lbs/100'] Tensile [lbs]
3 1/8 0.60 5,200
5 3/16 1.30 9,475
6 1/4 1.70 12,385

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